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Just when I thought I'd seen it all...

In his award-wining book Busting Bad Guys, narcotics sergeant Mark Langan told gripping stories about bookies, drug dealers, and ladies of the night.


Now Langan tells more true-crime stories and those of his fellow Omaha police officers in blue—


  • Sharp-shooting snipers who made split-second a life-and-death decision in Omaha's most infamous hostage standoff

  • The bust that took down the Hells Angels and their mega-caches of methamphetamine, money, and weapons

  • A bizarre stakeout to investigate animal sacrifices in a haunted park

  • Cold-blooded serial killers and the case for (and against) the death penalty

  • Firsthand accounts from meth tweakers who chase the devil's pipe (and the missing suitcase filled with kilos of cocaine)

  • The inside story about brutal blood sports: cockfighting and dogfighting

  • and a kindergarten class's best show and tell

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Next Generation Indie Book Award Winner!
More Busting Bad Guys: True Crime Stories of Cocaine, Cockfights, and

Cold-Blooded Killers

13 seconds of pure terror in a shootout with a drug dealer... Real crime. Real-life cop stories.

Sergeant Mark Langan relives his front-row seat working the seamier side of crime during his decorated twenty-six-year career from youngest rookie in 1978 to narcotics sergeant on the Omaha Police force.

Langan caught bold burglars who silently entered homes to get thrills off of touching sleeping victims. He hit bookie joints in smoke-filled bars, squeezed snitches for information, and arrested prostitutes and their everyday “Johns” in dangerous downtown alleys.

Langan worked his way up the ranks to command undercover narcotics operations in the 1980s when sinister LA gangbangers invaded Omaha and claimed neighborhoods to sell crack.

In his celebrated career, Langan felt the gut-wrenching pain of innocent children caught inside the wicked world of drugs and crime, their “safe” worlds shattered when the battering ram knocked down their doors-their cries haunt him every day. And two players from his past reemerge in startling ways.

Busting Bad Guys delivers a graphic and authentic look at solid policing on the streets of America’s heartland and takes readers inside the high-adrenaline, top-secret investigations to develop innovative tactics to outsmart the criminals.

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Now available as an audiobook!

Busting Bad Guys: My True Crime Stories of Bookies, Drug Dealers, and

Ladies of the Night

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