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Just when I thought I'd seen it all...

In his award-wining book Busting Bad Guys, narcotics sergeant Mark Langan told gripping stories about bookies, drug dealers, and ladies of the night.


Now Langan tells more true-crime stories and those of his fellow Omaha police officers in blue—


  • Sharp-shooting snipers who made split-second a life-and-death decision in Omaha's most infamous hostage standoff

  • The bust that took down the Hells Angels and their mega-caches of methamphetamine, money, and weapons

  • A bizarre stakeout to investigate animal sacrifices in a haunted park

  • Cold-blooded serial killers and the case for (and against) the death penalty

  • Firsthand accounts from meth tweakers who chase the devil's pipe (and the missing suitcase filled with kilos of cocaine)

  • The inside story about brutal blood sports: cockfighting and dogfighting

  • and a kindergarten class's best show and tell

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Now Available!
More Busting Bad Guys: True Crime Stories of Cocaine, Cockfights, and

Cold-Blooded Killers

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